TV cancellation causes uproar in Thailand over censorship

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TV cancellation causes uproar in Thailand over censorship

The cancellation of the “Nua Mek 3” soap opera in Thailand has led to serious complaints from viewers and concerns about ongoing censorship. The show was canceled because network executives felt it was inappropriate. Thailand has strict censorship laws that extend to television programs.

“The “Nua Mek 3” show has been immediately canceled by network executives in Thailand despite the fact that only two episodes remained. The show’s first episodes were seen on television on Dec. 14, and the finale should have been aired this week. Network executives determined that “Nua Mek 3” was offensive because it dealt with black magic and corruption. The network that originally aired the soap opera has explained that there were fears the content was inappropriate and could violate censorship laws in the country.

“Critics and viewers have reacted negatively to the cancellation of “Nua Mek 3.” They have called it unnecessary censorship since the show did not have extreme violence or other negative aspects. In addition, they are upset that the finale will not be revealed considering the show was close to its conclusion. Although network executives claim they reached the decision to cancel the soap opera without outside influence, critics believe that government officials are actually responsible.

“Network executives have cited Thailand’s Section 37 of the Broadcast and Telecommunications Operations Act to explain their decision. This law deals with inappropriate content on television and adds rules that must be followed for appropriate content. Profanity and any attempt to show the government in a negative light are not allowed. The executives have explained that the corruption and political manipulation seen in “Nua Mek 3” could have violated Section 37. Censorship is a common concern in Thailand. The media control is difficult to break, but this is the first case of a soap opera shutting down in fear. The show’s popularity has made it difficult to ignore the outrage from its devoted fans.

Several protests have already started to force the Channel 3 network to air the rest of the soap opera. The Thai Constitution Protection Association also plans to get involved because it believes it is unfair for the network not to show the final episodes. Fans of the soap opera have plans to boycott the network and have started petitions to bring the show back. They believe that the network can be forced to air the last episodes of “Nua Mek 3” for viewers.


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