The iPhone 6 fingerprint technology rumor returns

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The iPhone 6 fingerprint technology rumor returns

The iPhone 6 may have fingerprint technology according to the latest rumors among analysts. Apple is allegedly planning to include a fingerprint key for the next phone version to allow users a more secure experience. Apple has not confirmed the latest reports about this technology, but analysts believe the company is working on it.

“Apple bought AuthenTec in 2012, and the company has fingerprint sensors, so there is a solid base for the rumors. Apple spent $356 million on AuthenTec and is likely to use some of its security technology for future products. The details of this plan are not available to the public or media at this point.

How will fingerprint technology be integrated into the iPhone 6? Analysts believe that a user’s fingerprint will be used instead of a password on the new smartphones. The information will be securely stored and saved for future sessions. The fingerprint identification may also extend to other phone features in addition to unlocking it. This is still pure speculation since Apple has not revealed the exact specs of the iPhone 6.

“Analysts believe that Apple will release something different for the next version of the iPhone to keep up with competitors. As the company watches its earnings being eaten away by Samsung and other brands, it may be planning a drastic change, like the fingerprint technology instead of pins or passwords, to shock the competition. The fingerprint security feature may only be a small part of the changes Apple is planning. The company could introduce larger screens for the iPhone 6 or release a new phone with a 4.8-inch screen.

“Fingerprint technology is still in the development phases at many companies. If it appears on the iPhone 6, Apple may also release it for the iPad and other products. It is not clear when consumers will get a chance to test the new security feature themselves. Some analysts believe Apple will release the iPhone 6 in the summer of 2013 instead of waiting for the fall.

“Apple is not the only company interested in the use of fingerprints as security keys or passwords. A Samsung Android phone at CES also had this feature thanks to technology from Validity Sensors. Of course, items that appear at CES often take a while to show up on store shelves. However, Apple may not be the only one interested in using this technology in the future.


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