Piers Morgan deportation: President Obama finally responds

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Piers Morgan deportation: President Obama finally responds
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The petition for the Piers Morgan deportation has finally received a response from President Barack Obama. The White House has made it clear that there are no plans to deport Morgan back to England for expressing his opinions on gun control. Piers Morgan seems thrilled with the response from the White House and has posted on his official Twitter account.

“Piers Morgan’s decision to speak out about gun control laws in the United States created a severe backlash from the public. A petition was started to deport the CNN host and reached more than 100,000 signatures. Supporters accused him of attacking the Second Amendment. Morgan has asked for stricter gun laws after the Newtown tragedy and has refused to back down from his statements. He has addressed this topic on multiple occasions and even invited guests to his show to discuss it.

“The White House finally responded to the petition with a message from President Obama. Piers Morgan will not be deported, and his right to speak out about gun control will continue to be protected. The statement made it clear that there were no plans to punish him for speaking out about the sensitive topic. Both the First Amendment and Second Amendment were mentioned in the comments. However, Morgan has previously stated that he may leave the U.S. by his own volition if gun laws do not change.

“Piers Morgan seems to be enjoying the media attention surrounding the failed petition to deport him. He posted the White House response on his official Twitter account and seems thrilled that he can continue discussing gun laws. Despite his previous comments, it does not appear that he has any plans to leave the United States if tighter gun control laws are not instituted.

The controversy is already helping Piers Morgan get more viewers on CNN. He has been beating other shows and networks in the ratings. Morgan has even been able to outpace Anderson Cooper in the total number of viewers. It seems that his popular debate with Alex Jones has given him a considerable boost in the ratings.

“Piers Morgan has no plans to stop advocating for stronger gun control laws, and the support he received from the White House is only encouraging him more. Even CNN seems to be supporting Morgan by spotlighting his debate with Jones and replaying his show. Piers Morgan has no intention of stopping the popularity created by his controversy.


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