Make a Splash at Aquatica Water Park

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If you and/or your children are a fan of water parks you’re going to want to check outAquatica Water Parkif and when you are in the Orlando area. It is part of Sea World Entertainment (it’s actually located right across the street from Sea World), so not only do you get to have water fun but there is also an animal component you get to experience as well. I am a BIG fan of Dolphins, so getting to see them there and taking going on Dolphin Plunge®, a water slide that goes underwater and right through their home was pretty cool!

Not to worry, if water slides aren’t your thing. There is a beach you can sun bathe at and various lounging areas throughout the water park. If you have younger kids, they’ll have fun too! My son was 3 and my daughter was 6 when we went and they really enjoyed themselves. My youngest even got to on a water slide (because each has a height requirement for safety) and he loved it! For the most part he played in their smaller play areas that had splashing and smaller slides. My fearless daughter went on the water slides with me.

Safety is a biggy for us, so having life vests easily accessible throughout the park and lifeguards at every station was a major relief. They have beach towels you can rent, a locker you can rent out for the day to hold all your stuff, a nursing station and showers. We ended up also renting a stroller for the day to make our lives a bit easier for walking around the park and holding our items.

I was pleasantly surprised by how much fun we all had because you never know how small kids are going to do. We will be making another trip back once my youngest is able to go on all of the rides.


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