Lance Armstrong sued for fraud

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Lance Armstrong sued for fraud
FILE - In this July 24, 2005 file photo, Luke Armstrong, rear right, tries to touch the winner's trophy held by his father, Lance Armstrong, after Armstrong won his seventh straight Tour de France cycling race, in Paris. During the second part Friday, Jan. 18, 2013, of Oprah Winfrey's interview with Armstrong, Armstrong talked about talking with Luke after his son had defended him concerning doping allegations. (AP Photo/Peter Dejong, File)

Lance Armstrong is facing a new legal battle with a class action lawsuit filed by two men who feel betrayed by his books. Rob Stutzman and Jonathan Wheeler claim Armstrong’s books, “It's not about the Bike” and “Every Second Counts,” are filled with false advertising and lies because the athlete has admitted to doping. They are starting a class action lawsuit and want refunds.

“Armstrong’s doping revelations in an interview with Oprah are included in the lawsuit. They are used as evidence that the athlete lied in his books and produced works of fiction instead on nonfiction. Lance Armstrong wrote that he did not use any type of performance-enhancing drugs to win his medals, but the lies have been revealed.

“The class action lawsuit started by Rob Stutzman and Jonathan Wheeler will attempt to seek damages and refunds on behalf of others who purchased Lance Armstrong’s books. Claiming that these books are a fraud, the two men have already filed the case. Since they are labeled as nonfiction, the men believe tha this is also false advertising.

“Lance Armstrong has not responded to the class action lawsuit. However, his publisher, Penguin, has hired a law firm to handle the case. Many people now feel cheated by the inspirational books he wrote in the past. Rob Stutzman and Jonathan Wheeler point out that they would have never bought the books from the famous cyclist if they had been aware of his drug use. They feel that a refund is necessary to make up for the time wasted in reading his books.

“Armstrong is staying silent on the latest scandal involving him and seems to have retreated from the media. A recent report indicates that he turned down an offer from “Dancing With the Stars” for an upcoming season. ABC is allegedly still interested in having Lance Armstrong on the show despite his interview with Oprah, and the new class action lawsuit is not likely to change the network’s opinion.

“Both Lance Armstrong and his publishers are named in the lawsuit. Although an exact amount is not listed for damages and refunds, Rob Stutzman and Jonathan Wheeler are convinced it needs to cover other readers who were duped into buying his books. Lance Armstrong and his publishers may end up paying much more than simple refunds. Lawyer fees, damages and other expenses are likely to be included before the case is resolved.


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