Helicopter prison escape foiled

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Helicopter prison escape foiled
A helicopter (NOT SHOWN) was used in a brazen Greek prison escape attempt. File photo. Source: morguefile.com

A helicopter prison escape was foiled in Greece this week in a scene that seemed to have been copied from the movies. A helicopter arrived at a Greek prison with a rope to get one of the men out. The plan failed after guards shot the prisoner.

“The Trikala prison was the scene of an elaborate helicopter prison escape that failed. Panagiotis Vlastos was the man who was trying to flee with the help of his friends. The helicopter arrived and armed men began to fire at the guards. They had a rope ready for Panagiotis to use and escape. However, guards were able to stop the prisoner, and the helicopter had to land in the parking lot at Trikala prison.

“This was not the first time that Panagiotis Vlastos had tried to escape. It was actually his fourth attempt to get out of the prison. He is serving a sentence for murder and other crimes. Vlastos survived the shooting and has leg injuries. However, authorities expect him to make a full recovery.

“It is easy to understand why Panagiotis Vlastos believed that a helicopter prison escape was a good idea for a plan. Other prisoners have successfully used this method three times to escape, and one of them is still missing. Vlastos has tried other methods to get out of the prison that included joining a gang that took guards hostage.

“The helicopter prison escape plan was very simple. The pilot and other men lowered a rope for Vlastos while firing at guards to distract them during the process. Then, they believed they would be able to fly away from the courtyard and disappear.

“Another man was in the courtyard at the same time as Panagiotis Vlastos, but his name has not been revealed. He also tried to escape using the rope. However, officials are not sure if he was just a bystander or involved in the plot. Other men are also believed to have helped Vlastos during the failed escape, but their names have not been shared with the public.

“Authorities are still investigating the case and searching for other people who were involved in the plan. Obviously, Panagiotis Vlastos had help from the outside for his elaborate escape plan. He has been serving a sentence since 1994 and has three other escape attempts that also failed. Vlastos was involved in a gang that murdered people and has also been part of kidnapping plots.


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