Federal agent arrested for drunkenly brandishing a gun

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Federal agent arrested for drunkenly brandishing a gun
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By Brett Gillin

Shortly after midnight last Wednesday, Officers in Burbank, California got a call in to dispatch about a drunken man who was disturbing the peace. The man, who was apparently extremely intoxicated, was said to be waving a gun around in traffic.

Police responded to the complaint to find that the man, Andrew LeConte according to this report in Fox News, clearly intoxicated. According to reports, LeConte had been approaching cars with a gun in his hand, demanding that they follow him.

One victim who called the police, claims that he was working on his SUV when LeConte walked up to him with a gun in his hand. According to the police report, LeConte then demanded that the man follow him. So the victim followed LeConte for a short distance, according to the Burbank Leader, then made his escape by running away and calling the police.

About 30 minutes after that call, police arrived to find the 27 year old man still armed, only a short distance away from where he allegedly made the first victim follow him at gunpoint.

Police arrested LeConte and charged him with suspicion of kidnapping and brandishing a firearm. He was booked into jail on a $100,000 bond, which was later posted. Further investigation into Andrew LeConte revealed a rather interesting profession for a man arrested on kidnapping charges.

According to reports on The Blaze, Andrew LeConte is a federal agent with the U.S. Marshals Service. While the spokesman for the Marshals Service, Dave Turk, told reporters that the agency does not comment on ongoing investigations, several independent agencies have verified that LeConte was employed as a U.S. Marshal at the time of the incident.

LeConte is not thought to have a past criminal record. It is currently unknown if LeConte has retained the services of an attorney, or if he has been in contact with his employers regarding the incident. It is also unknown as to what his motivation was for approaching citizens with a firearm.



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