12-year-old swatter charged with felony

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12-year-old swatter charged with felony
From the MTV show PUNK'D, starring Ashton Kutcher, who ironically was made famous by pranking celebrities

A 12-year-old boy has been charged with a felony for being a swatter or prank caller that deliberately gets the SWAT team to come to a celebrity’s home. Swatting has become a dangerous new trend in Hollywood that is costing the police force time and resources. The boy’s name has not been released for privacy reasons, but the charges he faces are serious.

The 12-year-old swatter has been accused of making a call that resulted in police showing up at Ashton Kutcher’s home. The boy allegedly made the prank calls because he thought they would be funny and never considered the consequences. The police are taking this seriously and have charged him with a felony. He is actually facing two felony charges and a computer intrusion charge.

The boy initially called police and claimed that Ashton Kutcher’s home was filled with people who had guns and bombs. He also made it sound like he was in the house and in danger. The swatter went on to tell the police that people had been shot and needed urgent medical care. The prank call resulted in a SWAT team going to the Kutcher home to rescue people. They quickly discovered that the entire incident was just a prank call.

“The police are not releasing the name or other details about the 12-year-old swatter. However, they have explained that they have been investigating him for a while and believe he is responsible for the calls. They also mentioned he has a dysfunctional family that may explain some of his behavior. Nevertheless, they are not dropping any charges and want him to face responsibility for his actions.

“Giving a 12-year-old boy a felony charge may seem harsh, but police explain that they are trying to discourage copycats. Swatting has grown into a popular trend in Hollywood with several celebrities being involved in the pranks. Tom Cruise is an example of a recent prank that led to police wasting their time at his home. Kris Jenner is another recent victim who had SWAT teams and helicopters surround her house because of a prank.

Police hope that copycats will see the charges brought against the 12-year-old boy as strong encouragement to avoid swatting. They want to use him as an example of what happens if you waste local resources. It is part of their zero tolerance policy for pranksters who think fake calls are a fun joke.


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