$1 million reward for Christopher Dorner issued

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ADDS DATE VIDEO WAS TAKEN - This image provided by the Irvine Police Department shows Christopher Dorner from Jan. 28, 2013 surveillance video at an Orange County, Calif., hotel. More than 100 officers, including SWAT teams, were driven in glass-enclosed snow machines and armored personnel carriers in Big Bear Lake to hunt for this former Los Angeles police officer suspected of going on a deadly rampage to get back at those he blamed for ending his police career. (AP Photo/Irvine Police Department)

A $1 million reward for Christopher Dorner has been issued by the city of Los Angeles. Dorner is accused of murdering three people and plotting other crimes. Despite an intense police search, he has vanished, and authorities are asking for help to track him down.

Christopher Dorner was a former cop and Navy officer who recently lost a lawsuit against the LAPD over discrimination and racism. Dorner has killed three people after issuing a strange manifesto and vowing to get revenge on the corrupt LAPD. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa announced the $1 million reward for tips that can help capture Dorner. The money was raised through various donations and businesses. The reward is considered to be one of the highest ever offered by Los Angeles. Chief Charlie Beck has revealed that the LAPD will be reopening his case to reexamine some of the allegations he mentioned.

“Dorner has been described as 6 feet tall, African American and weighing 270 pounds. The Los Angeles police department is still asking him to turn himself in and end the manhunt. Authorities suspect that he may be near the Big Bear Lake resort in the San Bernardino Mountains because his car was found in the area. However, some believe that Christopher Dorner has left California and escaped to another state or even Mexico. Authorities have searched a storage unit owned by him for evidence. They have also searched his mother’s home for evidence.

“Christopher Dorner killed Monica Quan, Keith Lawrence and police officer Michael Crain. He also wounded other officers during his rampage. Although officials have found his car, wallet and ID, Dorner continues to elude them. The former Navy officer has extensive survival training. He was seen in the San Diego area, but tips have proven to be wrong. This has forced the LAPD to place security and guards around Dorner’s potential targets. Capt. Phil Tingirides is one of the people who is scared to leave his home while Dorner is on the loose.

The $1 million reward is being offered to anyone who can provide information that will help police find and arrest Christopher Dorner. Officials believe he may still be near the L.A. area and planning his revenge on other officers and their families. The 33-year-old has been the target of an enormous manhunt. Authorities hope that the large reward will lead to more tips that can help them find Christopher Dorner.


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