Woman’s drastic weight loss journey to join the U.S. Army

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Woman's drastic weight loss journey to join the U.S. Army
Karyna Douglass, who lost over 100lbs to join the Army. Image from video, below. Credit: FOX 12

A woman lost a large amount of weight, so she could join the U.S. Army. Her commitment and goal-oriented mind have been noticed. In addition, her story also emphasizes the Army’s renewed focus on weight control and health among troops.

Karyna Douglass had a dream of joining the United States Army, according to the First Coast News. However, the Army informed her she did not qualify because of her weight. Douglass decided she could lose the 100 pounds to make her dream come true.

Douglass’ story is being shared as an example of the commitment someone can have to simply join the Army. She found a workout partner in a Beaverton Sergeant and stuck to a grueling schedule. She made sure to work out at least twice a day. She also completely changed her eating habits and cut out junk food. Karyna Douglass focused on eating healthy and losing weight.

Her inspiring story has a positive ending. Karyna Douglass was able to lose 110 pounds over the course of a year. She will be sworn in next week and is ready to join the U.S. Army. She admits that losing the weight and getting fit was a true challenge. It forced her to completely change her lifestyle.

The U.S. Army has had strict rules about weight and fitness for years. However, in recent months current soldiers have noted that the rules are becoming even more stringent. More soldiers are being asked to get in shape or risk their positions. The Army has a growing focus on healthy troops.

Karyna Douglass points out that it was not easy to lose the weight. She had days of being overwhelmed and thought about quitting. However, she had a goal in mind. Joining the Army meant that she had to lose a significant amount of weight or watch her dream fade away.

Karyna Douglass admits that her old fitness routine basically did not exist since she simply went to the store to get more junk food. Since starting her weight loss journey more than a year ago, she has completely changed her life. Her work has paid off, and she is encouraging others to do the same thing. She wants people to know that having a sergeant help her lose weight was a crucial part of her success. She recommends that other people trying to lose weight get a support group and make friends.








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