Veterans memorial bans flag to honor dead soldier

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Veterans memorial bans flag to honor dead soldier
(FEB 2011) Oklahoma Sen. Bill Brown displays the Honor and Remember Flag given to his family in honor of his father who was killed in World War II. The Honor and Remember Flag is a gesture of recognition for the ultimate sacrifice. Photo credit: Oklahoma State Senate

A veterans memorial has banned a flag meant to honor a dead soldier and has upset the family who wanted to display it. Amy and Patrick Moore lost their son Army Spc. Benjamin Moore in Afghanistan and simply wanted to honor him with a special flag. However, the Bordentown Veterans Committee has refused to allow the flag to be seen.

The Bordentown Veterans Committee has decided several times that it would rather ban the Honor and Remember flag, according to Fox News. This was the flag the Moore family wanted to see flying at the vet memorial, but nothing they have been able to do has changed the mind of the committee. The Moore family has been able to donate the flag in other places without issues.

Amy and Patrick Moore simply wanted to donate the Honor and Remember flag for the memorial, but their gesture has been refused. The Bordentown Veterans Committee argues that adding the flag would dilute attention away from the U.S. flag and could lead to more requests. The committee does not want to field hundreds of requests for different flags at the memorial, so it feels banning the flag is appropriate.

The Bordentown Veterans Committee has also asked how durable the flag will be and has also wondered why it has not been adopted by the federal government as a standard. All of these questions have made the Moore family feel unwelcome after losing their son, and they think banning the flag has gone too far. They plan to continue their efforts to have the flag displayed and will be donating flags to other places.

Not everyone has met the Moore family with opposition, and some people have accepted their donated flags without question. The mayor is displaying their flag without any issues, so they think it is not fair that the memorial is refusing their request. However, there is nothing they can do to force the Bordentown Veterans Committee to change its mind.

For Amy and Patrick Moore, the loss of their son Army Spc. Benjamin Moore during the war was a devastating event that has forever changed their lives. They have tried their best to find closure and move on, and the flags are part of their healing process. The flags have helped them connect with communities and feel they have purpose in life to spread the need to honor veterans.







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