U.S. guided missile cruiser visits Manila

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U.S. guided missile cruiser visits Manila
The USS Cowpens, CG 63, a Ticonderoga-class guided-missile cruiser docks at Manila's pier, in the Philippines as it arrives for a routine port call on Sunday March 9, 2014. (AP Photo/Aaron Favila)

A U.S. guided missile cruiser is visiting Manila, Philippines, because it is part of a larger plan to have a bigger presence in the area. The U.S. has been working with the Philippines to increase the military’s role in the water and on land. The cruiser is not an act of aggression, but it is a part of a peaceful plan between the two countries.

The guided missile cruiser, the USS Cowpens, is giving the crew on the ship a chance to rest, according to the InterAksyon. The crew is able to visit Manila, get new supplies and enjoy the stay. The U.S. military has approved the visit and views it as a positive step between the two governments.

The United States has been working with the Philippines on making the U.S. military a bigger part of its area. The negotiations have gone well, and the Philippines welcomes the support considering it cannot compete with some of the resources available to the U.S. military. The two military groups have been working well on increasing the U.S. presence.

In addition to giving the crew of the USS Cowpens time to rest, the guided missile cruiser is playing another important part in the area. The Philippines and China have been at odds over territorial issues, so it welcomes the U.S. support. The Philippines has a hard time competing with China’s large military and the U.S. help it is receiving is important. The presence of the USS Cowpens should show China that the United States has no plans to abandon the Philippines and will continue to protect it.

China does not seem to care about who is supporting the Philippines and continues to intrude into Philippine territory. This has forced the Philippines to seek international help and demand that China stop its interference. The United States will continue to help the country as it struggles against another nation.

The U.S. guided missile cruiser is only one part of a bigger plan to help the Philippines and more ships will continue to be seen in the area. The U.S. crews seem to enjoy being in the area, and the Philippine government seems to appreciate their presence. Warships and carriers will be visiting the area on an ongoing basis to show China that the Philippines is not alone. It is not clear how much this is helping, but no serious aggression from China has been seen.







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