U.S. Army tests drone-shooting laser

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U.S. Army tests drone-shooting laser
High Energy Laser Mobile Demonstrator, or HEL MD (Photo: US Army)

The U.S. Army has done tests with a drone-shooting laser and considers them a success. The laser was able to take down drones and mortar shells in the sky. The technology is still experimental, but tests are progressing well.

The Army has been busy testing a laser, according to the Business Insider. The laser is named High Energy Laser Mobile Demonstrator (HEL MD), and tests were done in New Mexico. The laser was able to successfully complete its mission of taking down drones and mortar.

The High Energy Laser Mobile Demonstrator was tested for several weeks. During that time, it destroyed multiple drones and mortar shells. It has shown it is capable of doing this. The laser was attached to a car, but it may be possible to attach it to other surfaces.

The technology is still in the early stages. Development is still in progress, and the laser is far from being finished. The earliest predictions indicate it may become a normal part of the Army in 2022. However, it is still being tested and changed. One of the goals is to make the lasers stronger and more powerful.

The High Energy Laser Mobile Demonstrator is already a strong tool, but it can be better. These early tests show that is has potential. The United States Army has big plans for lasers. It wants them mounted on vehicles and other equipment. This way they will offer better protection to troops.

Lasers have the potential of becoming the next big weapon in the Army. Instead of missiles or mortar, lasers such as the High Energy Laser Mobile Demonstrator could be the future. This does not mean development of other weapons will stop. On the contrary, the United States Army plans to continue many of its other weapon programs. However, lasers will be a big part of the future.

Comparisons between the test and science fiction have been rampant online. Many view the tests as an indication that sci-fi is taking over the Army. The future is no longer limited to television or movies. Soon, lasers will be a normal part of the Army’s weapon systems. It has tested them in the past, and there is a strong push to make them a big part of defense. Lasers have the potential to be one of the most popular weapons in the Army. As they continue to develop, they will be closely watched by experts.







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