U.S. Air Force focuses on positive work environment

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U.S. Air Force focuses on positive work environment
The Pentagon, looking northeast with the Potomac River and Washington Monument in the distance.

The U.S. Air Force is focusing on a positive work environment by making changes to how airmen are evaluated. The announcement comes after months of bad news and bad behavior from officers in the Air Force. The change is being viewed as a way to combat some of these problems that continue to be an issue in the military.

Airmen are now being judged on a new concept, according to the Colorado Springs Gazette. Their ability to create and be a part of a positive work environment could have a big impact on their future in the military. The change means that their ability to get and keep promotions will now include another factor that was not considered in the past.

The Air Force states it wants a positive work environment that will have respect for all service members, so everyone will feel comfortable. This means harassment, insubordination and other issues will be a huge problem for members. The evaluations used to assess their current positions and ability to get promotions will be changed to include specific wording about the work environment they create with their presence.

The media is clinging to the idea that the Air Force hopes to fight assaults with these changes, but the Air Force shares the changes go beyond preventing assaults. The goal is to make a positive work environment that is safe and dignified for everyone involved. This involves more than preventing assaults from occurring or dealing with them if they have already occurred.

Many people view the change as another PC move that is meant to appease the public and show the Air Force is making changes after all the scandals this year. The Air Force has been in the news too many times for problems, so the change does not surprise people. It seems to have been timed perfectly with the end of the year.

The Air Force insists that a positive work environment and respect have always been part of the equation to success in the military. However, it is clear that along the way some members have lost their focus on these important concepts. Harassment, assaults and other issues have filled news stories about the Air Force instead of the positive ones the officials would prefer to see. Officials hope that these problems can be prevented by adding clear guidelines about creating positive work environments in the Air Force.







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