Soldier accused of serving under brother’s name

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Soldier accused of serving under brother’s name

A soldier has been accused of serving under his brother’s name. He used his brother’s identity for more than 20 years and almost got away with it. Now, Sgt. Maj. William Anthony Morrone Jr. has been court-martialed for his actions.

Sgt. Maj. William Anthony Morrone Jr. decided to take his brother’s identity many years ago, according to the Fayetteville Observer. He was trying to hide his own past, so he thought it would be the perfect solution. However, he later tried to go back to his own name, claim his lawyers.

The lawyers of William Anthony Morrone Jr. claim he was not happy pretending to be his brother Gerald Morrone. He had asked the Army to let his change his name on several occasions, but the answer he always received was a no. The soldier felt stuck and was not able to make any changes.

Although details are still hazy, one source claims William Anthony Morrone Jr. turned to his brother’s identity out of desperation because he wanted to be part of the Army. He had been in the Army at one point under his real name, but he was kicked out. Morrone allegedly was caught stealing and was convicted of a felony. His career in the Army ended, so he decided to use his brother’s name instead.

The soldier has spent a great deal of his career at Fort Bragg. He has not encountered any problems during his service and has been in combat. He has also suffered injuries over the years while serving. Morrone continues to claim he tried to change his name in the Army.

It appears that the Army may have known about William Anthony Morrone Jr.’s real identity for more than two decades. However, it would not let him change his name or get rid of him. It is not clear why he is being court-martialed now since he has admitted the lies in the past. His lawyers are hoping this will be enough of a defense to save him.

William Anthony Morrone Jr. has spent 25 years in the Army and has dedicated his life to the service. His fate lies in the hands of a judge. His lawyers continue to argue that he was motivated by his love for the Army and only lied to get back. He never meant to hurt anyone and tried to fix the situation on more than one occasion.







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