Pull-Up test delayed for female Marines

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Pull-Up test delayed for female Marines
Image credit: USMC

The pull-up test has been delayed for female Marines because most women have not been able to pass it during training. The Marines are now considering their options and may modify the requirements for the test. Originally, all female Marines were required to do three pull-ups starting in January, but this is now on hold.

The pull-up test is being temporarily put on hold by the Marines, according to 89.3 KPCC. The test was used in training with poor results, and only 55 percent of the women were able to do three pull-ups. The Marines state some women have been able to do the test, but the generally poor results are disappointing.

The test may be brought back sometime next year, but the exact date is not clear. The Marines will be examining the requirements carefully to see if changes are necessary. Women may receive additional training or other help to make sure they are able to pass the test.

One female Marine points out extra training specifically designed for the pull-up test has improved her results. She was not able to do any pull-ups in the past, but now she can do eight which is higher than the required minimum. This gives other women hope that they will also be able to pass the test in the future.

Some Marines view this announcement as proof that women should not be able to participate in combat roles. They say upper body strength is crucial in a combat position, so women who cannot do the required pull-ups are putting everyone at risk for failure. Marines point out that they often have to haul heavy equipment and lift heavy things, so upper body strength is crucial.

Not everyone sees this in a negative light, and some people truly believe extra training will fix this. Women tend to have less upper body strength than men, but time at the gym can make a dramatic difference. It will take a strong commitment to change this, and women seem ready for the challenge.

The Marines do not want to lose the recruits they already have, but they cannot let them pass without meeting the test. For now, the test will be reevaluated, and women may receive more training to help them pass. The test will not change for men during this time because there have been no problems with it. However, female recruits can expect some modifications in the future.







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