Pearl Harbor veteran kicked off his flight

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Pearl Harbor veteran kicked off his flight
90-year-old WWII veteran and Pearl Harbor survivor Ewalt Shatz. Image from video, below. Credit: FOX News

A Pearl Harbor veteran was kicked off his flight, so the plane could bring more fuel. The veteran was on his way to a ceremony and had planned to speak about his experience during World War II. Ewalt Shatz, who is also known as Walt, was disgusted with the way he was treated at the airport.

Ewalt Shatz is a 90-year-old veteran with vision problems, according to KSDK. He wanted to be a part of a Pearl Harbor ceremony in Hawaii. He was leaving California and expected his flight to Honolulu to be easy. However, Shatz discovered he had been thrown off his flight and rebooked with another airline.

The veteran shared he felt lost at the Los Angeles airport. He has vision problems, so it was hard for him to adjust his plans to a new flight. He did not have any friends or family with him, and this made the situation worse. He tried to explain to the staff that he was on his way to an important memorial, but they were not able to change anything.

Ewalt Shatz was lucky he made it to the ceremony in Hawaii in time. His flight was scheduled at a later hour and made his plans more difficult. However, he was not alone in the Honolulu airport. Others learned about his story online and made sure veterans would greet him. Shatz received a surprise after he landed as more than 70 people welcomed him.

Although he was able to catch his other flight, the outrage about his story has not stopped. It continues to be a hot topic on social media and news sites. People are upset that the veteran was forced to change his plans and was not given enough warning. They are also concerned that the 90-year-old did not receive special care for his vision problems at the airport.

United Airlines has been attacked repeatedly on Facebook by angry posters. They are still upset that the veteran was forced to change flights. People have been shaming the airline and expressing their wish to never use their service again. The veteran is shocked by the response to his problem. He never expected others would care that he was trying to get to a memorial. The airline has promised to talk to him, but it is not clear what they will offer. The 90-year-old has not shared the details of any offers.







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