Navy announces first 4-star female admiral

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Navy announces first 4-star female admiral
Vice Admiral Michelle J. Howard, USN, Deputy Commander, U.S. Fleet Forces Command. Image credit: US Navy

The Navy has announced the first 4-star female admiral. Vice Admiral Michelle Howard has been nominated for the new position. It is considered a historic move for the Navy because women have not been 4-star admirals.

Vice Admiral Michelle Howard shares she is honored by the announcement, according to the Navy Times. The Senate still has to approve the nomination, but many people believe it will not be difficult to get it to pass. Michelle Howard will be making history if she gets four stars.

Howard is the deputy chief of naval operations for operations, plans, and strategy, so the nomination will increase her rank. The new position will make her vice chief of naval operations. She graduated in 1982 and has spent decades in the Navy. Her commitment and dedication have been noted by her coworkers.

Some people view the nomination as the U.S. military’s attempt to make more women prominent. The Air Force and Army have recently done the same thing. Now, the Navy wants to make history by having Michelle Howard become the second in command.

Michelle Howard has admitted that her race tends to be a bigger issue for people than her gender. She is African American and has noted it is not easy gaining respect. She has no problem being the first and being the leader. Michelle Howard enjoys destroying the glass ceiling. She has experience shattering preconceived notions about what women should be able to do and achieve. Now, she has the chance to continue breaking that ceiling with a powerful new role.

Her career in the Navy has not always been easy. Michelle Howard admits that there have been some cases that were difficult. She was overlooked while men were promoted. She did not get the assignments while men received them. However, she has a strong fighting spirit that kept her going. She knew that eventually the Navy would recognize her capabilities and would not be able to ignore them.

The Navy is making a step in a historic direction. Michelle Howard’s nomination has already brought her attention, and she is likely to be approved without problems. Becoming the second in command in the Navy will make Michelle Howard the first woman in this role. She will be used as inspiration in the military for other women hoping to advance to her level. Michelle Howard shares she is ready for the new role.







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