Military retirement cuts likely to happen

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Military retirement cuts likely to happen
Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid of Nev. takes a break from the Senate floor, on Capitol Hill in Washington, Tuesday, Dec. 17, 2013, after a bipartisan budget compromise cleared a procedural hurdle, advancing past a filibuster threshold on a 67-33 vote that ensures the measure will pass the Democratic-led chamber no later than Wednesday and head to the White House to be signed into law. When enacted, the measure would ease for two years some of the harshest cuts to agency budgets required under automatic spending curbs commonly known as sequestration. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)

Military retirement cuts are likely to happen and could become a new law. Veterans and others are still fighting to stop the cuts from occurring. However, the Senate has voted to pass the new budget that includes these cuts.

The new budget would get rid of sequestration and replace it with different cuts, according to the Washington Post. The plan includes cuts to military retirement benefits by eliminating one percent each year. The cuts would essentially get rid of the cost of living adjustments. However, once the veterans reach the age of 62, the benefits would no longer be cut, and they would not lose anything.

This announcement has left veterans and their supporters outraged. They argue that the change would also affect disabled veterans, and it is wrong to make them suffer. There is still some confusion on how the new law will affect the disabled veterans. They are also furious that their future retirement is being cut before their eyes.

The change has been unexpected for many people because it was believed military retirement benefits would not be affected by the cuts. Some people feel cheated and hurt. They do not understand why cuts cannot be made in other areas to leave the benefits alone.

The change would not be made immediately and would be delayed until 2015. However, veterans are ready to fight it now and want it removed from the plan. They have received promises of hearings that will allow them to talk about the law and try to change it. However, these would not start until next year.

Veterans feel they earned these benefits and were promised a certain level of respect. To watch them being affected by cuts is hard for many people. Some feel like they have already lost since the budget plan includes the change. Now, they will face a tremendous battle to get rid of the law. It is always more difficult to achieve this.

The government states the change would save $6 billion a year. However, veterans feel that cuts could be made in other places that do not include their retirement benefits. Some politicians who support the change point out that it is simply a one percent decrease. Nevertheless, veterans show that the long-term effect of this change would cost them a significant amount. Both sides are preparing for a fight next year that may last a long time.







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