Marines ban fashionable hairstyles

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Marines ban fashionable hairstyles
USS Rushmore USS Rushmore At Sea - Lance Cpl. Jeffrey C. Cook, fire direction controller, 2nd Platoon, Battery B, Battalion Landing Team 3/5, 15th Marine Expeditionary Unit, gives a haircut to Lance Cpl. Zachery W. Short, a field artillery cannoneer in the same platoon.(U.S. Marine Corps photo by Cpl. Timothy R. Childers/Released)

The Marines have banned fashionable hairstyles and have issued their own view on what service members should do. The change was not unexpected considering there have been other restrictions placed on appearance in the past. The list of banned hairstyles includes spiking the hair.

The Marines continue to attempt to create a uniform look among service members, according to the Marine Corps Times. The essential goal, affecting both men and women, is to avoid having members with fashionable or outlandish hairstyles.

Some people are surprised that the Marine Corps has not banned these types of hairstyles in the past. The new addition does not seem to be out of touch with its usual strict guidelines. Marine Administrative Order No. 658/13 tries to set up some ideas for service members to understand the hairstyles they must avoid.

The list includes locks, twists, spikes and other unnatural styles. Braids are given a long list of requirements that includes the ban of any decorations such as beads in them. They must also be tight, finished and neat.

The Marines are taking a great deal of time to be concerned about the heads of service members. The ban on hairstyles is not the only change they are creating. They have also made a universal cover that will be worn by both men and women in the service. It ends the debates on which cover they should wear.

The new cover is basically a slightly different version of the male cap. Now, women will begin receiving the same cover as the men instead of having their own distinct style. This creates a more uniform look for the Marines. In addition, it will save on uniform costs since only one cover will need to be made instead of two.

The change has been generally accepted by current Marines. They have felt restricted in the hairstyle area in the past, so the new rules are not going to make a huge difference. Additionally, most are happy to see the male cap will be used for the universal cover. There had been some controversy after it was suggested in a survey that the female cap could also be universal. The response to this suggestion was extremely negative and left many people outraged. The Marines quickly took down the survey and shared that the cap would not be female for the universal cover. It appears they kept their promise.







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