Marine dies during skydiving trip from Ellen

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Marine dies during skydiving trip from Ellen
33 year old Marine, Brandon McGraw. Image from video, below. Credit: Facebook, WITN

A Marine died during a skydiving trip his wife won on Ellen’s television show. Brandon McGraw was in Australia with his wife and had been enjoying the free trip. There is an investigation into the accident that killed him.

Brandon McGraw was a Marine at Camp Lejeune, according to the WWAY NewsChannel 3. His wife, Cherilyn McGraw, won the trip on Ellen’s show, and they were both excited to visit Australia. Brandon had skydiving experience and had made several jumps in the past.

Brandon McGraw and his wife were in Euroa for the skydiving. They jumped from a plane with instructors from Skydive Euroa, and everyone was trained. His wife jumped first without any problems. Then, Brandon McGraw jumped, and thing seemed normal at first. Suddenly, everything changed, and he was struggling with his parachute. He crashed and died on the ground.

The Marine had been in Afghanistan recently, so the trip was his retreat and vacation after his deployment. His wife won the trip while she was at a taping of the popular show. She entered a fun competition and came away with free skydiving in Australia. Cherilyn McGraw was very excited about winning and wanted to share her trip with her husband.

It is not known why the 33-year-old Marine died. There is an active police investigation into the case, but answers are not available at this time. The skydiving school shares that this is the first fatality they have had since opening. They have no history of other injuries or deaths. They are certified trainers with experience.

Many questions have appeared about the Marine and his family. Some rumors have also started to spread online. Although the majority seems to think he died in an accident, some think there was malice involved. The blame has been placed on his wife and the school. However, there is no indication that Cherilyn McGraw was unhappy in the marriage.

The skydiving school describes this as a parachute malfunction. Paramedics attempted to save his life, but he died before they could even take him to a hospital. His wife was not hurt, but she is devastated by the loss. The family of Brandon McGraw has chosen not to speak to the media at this time. Meanwhile, police in Australia are trying to determine the cause of death and the issues with the parachute. The skydiving school is cooperating fully with them.








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