Guided missile launcher used as unique neighborhood watch sign

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Guided missile launcher used as unique neighborhood watch sign
Terry Ulmer, a Navy veteran and enthusiast, built a replica of a 1959 Mark 10 Missile Launcher for a neighborhood watch sign. Photo is from the video below, credit: KSWB - San Diego, CA

A guided missile launcher is being used as a unique neighborhood watch sign in California. Terry Ulmer installed the sign in Alpine to honor the military, and it is getting a great deal of attention. The unusual sign is actually built on two missiles that Ulmer made, and he has no plans to take it down.

A neighborhood watch sign is attracting attention from the public and media, according to the GrindTV. The sign is a part of Terry Ulmer’s goal to honor veterans from World War II and the Navy on his land. The guided missile launcher may make some neighbors nervous, but Ulmer has no plans to start a war with them or use it against them.

Terry Ulmer did not want to create the typical neighborhood watch sign seen across America that usually consists of a wood or plastic board with some words on it. In his neighborhood, Terry Ulmer wanted to make sure no one would miss the sign by making missiles a part of it. Although there is no ammunition inside the missiles, they still present a formidable aspect that is enough to scare away many people.

There are mixed feelings about neighborhood watch signs and their ability to actually deter crimes. In Terry Ulmer’s case, he lives in a remote area that may not see much crime, but bigger cities often rely heavily on these watches to keep residents safe. A large sign that warns trespassers, criminals and others that the neighborhood is on alert may work in some cases, but it does not stop all violence.

A previous study from the University of Glamorgan found that neighborhood watches could reduce crime by 16 percent, but they did not completely eliminate it. In some areas, no amount of activity from residents appears to be enough to stop criminals. Other studies have proven to be inconclusive about neighborhood watches because it is difficult to track crimes that may not get reported and the true impact of the changes. Nevertheless, some residents believe they are an effective tool to make them feel more secure in their own homes.

Terry Ulmer’s unusual neighborhood watch sign may be the perfect way to scare criminals away from the Alpine area. It is unlikely that any robbers would be interested in messing with a guided missile launcher and risking their lives to commit crimes.







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