Guardsman steals IDs from Army members

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Guardsman steals IDs from Army members

A soldier stole IDs from Army members to make fake ones for his own militia. Keith Michael Novak also made threats against officials and warned them not to come near him. He has been arrested and charged.

Keith Michael Novak was part of the National Guard, according to the Associated Press. An estimated 400 people in the Army have been affected by his theft. He used the information of other soldiers to make fake identification cards.

Novak has been in Iraq, and he has also served in the United States. His last job was as a human intelligence analyst, and he was part of the National Guard. The FBI eventually learned that he had his own militia and was stealing IDs from the Army. They sent in undercover agents to trap him.

The undercover FBI agents knew that Keith Michael Novak wanted IDs for his militia men. They offered to make them as long as he turned over the information he had stolen. Novak had previously resisted sharing the data, but he still bragged about stealing it. Eventually, he was convinced to share the stolen information with the agents.

It appears that Keith Michael Novak was stealing more than the IDs from his unit. A witness once saw equipment from the Army, and Novak shared it with his militia. The militia members were his main objective, and he focused on providing for them through theft.

The soldier made many threats against authorities that were recorded by the FBI. He threatened to shoot anyone who came near him. He threatened to have his militia take down authorities. He threatened to escape before they could reach him. All of these threats proved useless, and he was arrested.

The full extent of the damage done by Keith Michael Novak’s stealing is still being uncovered. It is possible he had stolen more equipment and buried it. He had shared that he was burying weapons. It is not clear how much he was able to take.

Members of the Army are concerned about their information being stolen. Keith Novak had access to their social security numbers, names and other sensitive information. He may not have shared it with many people, but it is not known if it could have fallen into the wrong hands. Soldiers are worried their identities may continue to be threatened. The National Guard states it is working with the authorities on the case.







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