Family of U.S. Marine sues over missing heart

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Family of U.S. Marine sues over missing heart
Sgt. Brian LaLoup. Image courtesy of the LaLoup family.

The family of a U.S. Marine is suing over his missing heart. Sgt. Brian LaLoup committed suicide in Greece, and his family believes his heart was taken from his body in this country. The family also claims the U.S. knew about the theft and lied to them.

Sgt. Brian LaLoup tragically killed himself with a gun, according to the Seattle Times. He had been upset that evening and complained about not having any love in his life. His body was taken to a Greek morgue, and his family states an autopsy was done without their permission.

The body of the Marine was returned to the United States, and a second autopsy was done. At this point, his missing heart was noticed. However, his family states the U.S. lied to them. They were not aware that his heart was gone and had buried him. The family discovered the truth later.

The lawsuit involves the Defense Department, and the family hopes they can finally get more information about the Marine’s death. Why was his heart removed in Greece, and why did officials lie to them? Was his organ lost, stolen or sold? The family shares they simply want peace and answers.

The case became more confusing after Greece claimed it had found his heart. However, DNA tests showed that the heart was not his. The family still does not know who the original owner of this heart or why it was sent to them as a lie. This puzzle remains unsolved.

The Greek embassy and officials have not provided many answers, and the family has struggled without them. Sgt. Brian LaLoup’s relatives explain they are shocked by the way they have been treated. The repeated lies and run around have made them exhausted. After more than a year, they still do not have any more answers.

There are also concerns about his suicide. After expressing his sadness over the lack of love in his life,
Sgt. Brian LaLoup made it clear that he wanted to kill himself. Another officer heard this and told a staff sergeant. The sergeant apparently thought LaLoup needed more alcohol after he had already been drinking that evening. He later killed himself. The case has been cited for several violations, but no one has been punished. Meanwhile, the family hopes the lawsuit will finally bring some explanations about
Sgt. Brian LaLoup’s missing heart and bring peace to them.







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