Fallen veteran’s photos being stolen online

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Fallen veteran’s photos being stolen online
Matthew A. Pucino. Image credit: SSG Matthew A. Pucino Memorial Foundation

A fallen veteran’s photos have been stolen and used on several websites. His family is angry that someone is using his image and pretending to be him. Matthew Pucino died in Afghanistan, but someone is using his pictures without permission.

The family of Matthew Pucino is upset, according to WHDH-TV. His family recently discovered that someone is pretending to be him and has stolen his photos. So far, they have found a fake Facebook page and dating profiles. They do not know who is responsible for this.

Matthew Pucino died in 2009, and his family calls him a fallen hero. The family believes the pictures have been stolen from a memorial website they made after he passed away in the war in Afghanistan. Someone simply copied the images and made profiles with them.

The family of Matthew Pucino has contacted Facebook and asked that the fake profile be deleted. The social media network had promised to get rid of it. Pucino’s family is shocked that someone would go through the trouble of creating a fake page with his pictures.

Matthew Pucino was a Green Beret, served in Iraq and served in Afghanistan. The Pucino family is trying to figure out who is responsible for these fake profiles. The person may be a complete stranger or someone they know. A friend of the family was contacted by the fake profile on Facebook, so the person has been able to figure out their friends.

The family has been able to close down the Facebook and dating profiles. However, Matthew Pucino’s sister, Lisa Haglof, is scared the problem will just reappear. She is actively monitoring the Internet to see if other profiles will show up.

Matthew Pucino has a real memorial website and a memorial Facebook page. His family encourages people to visit them and learn about this veteran. They want people to know he was a great person and did not deserve to have his images stolen.

The issue of stolen photos plagues many people online. Unfortunately, a fallen veteran has also become a victim. If his family had not been vigilant about protecting his memory, then the fake profiles would still be online and fooling people. The family warns people to be careful and watch who uses pictures of your loved ones. Anyone can create a Facebook profile or a dating website profile, so the danger is real. It is important to stay alert.







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