Department of Defense forces Walmart to remove military logos

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Department of Defense forces Walmart to remove military logos
(December 11, 2010) More than 7,000 volunteers placed 24,000 wreaths on the headstones of fallen troops during an annual event known as Wreaths Across America in Arlington National Cemetery, Va. Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons

The Department of Defense is forcing Walmart to remove military logos seen on its trucks. The vehicles are part of a special Wreaths Across America program that brings the ornaments to graves belonging to veterans. The department believes the company was illegally using its trademarks and has asked for it to stop using the logos immediately.

The issue began after a Marine noticed a Walmart truck using an illegal logo and took photos, according to the Sun Journal. After the Department of Defense became aware of this violation, it looked into more of Walmart’s trucks and found more issues with the military logos. There are certain logos that can only be used by the Department of Defense, and a corporate entity cannot share them. The rules are not bent for special occasions or special cases, so the company must comply.

Walmart has promised to remove the logos, but it will take time to change all the trucks’ images, so it will need until Memorial Day. The company claims it never meant to violate any rules and simply wanted to honor veterans. Walmart will continue the Wreaths Across America program, so it will not stop bringing the flowers to the graves.

The company has donated thousands to purchase the wreaths and transport them using its own special trucks. Walmart claims the trucks are not used for anything else since they are designated for this special purpose of delivering the wreaths. At Arlington National Cemetery, the Wreaths Across America program can be seen in full force as it delivers the ornaments on special occasions.

The Wreaths Across America program is not limited to Arlington National Cemetery, and it does deliver the wreaths to other parts of the country. The program has helped 900 locations decorate the graves of veterans as a way to honor and remember them. This will not stop since the logos can be easily replaced with something else.

The Department of Defense worded its request carefully because it wants Walmart to continue supporting the program, but it cannot stand by and allow a logo violation. The department states it appreciates the company’s support of veterans and the military over the years, and it hopes this does not change. Walmart is ready to comply with the changes and will remove the illegal logos from the trucks, but it will not stop delivering the wreaths.







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