Defense Department increases rank of ‘Top Gun’ character inspiration

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Defense Department increases rank of ‘Top Gun’ character inspiration
Christine Fox. Image courtesy of the Defense Department

The Defense Department has increased the rank of the woman who is known as the “Top Gun” character inspiration. Christine Fox will now be ranked second in the Pentagon. She was used as inspiration for the role played by Kelly McGillis.

Christine Fox’s life was used to create the character of Charlie in “Top Gun,” according to CNN. Now, she has become the highest ranked woman in the Pentagon. She will be the Acting Deputy Secretary of Defense. Christine Fox will have an important role that surpasses her movie character counterpart.

Many have been surprised to learn that Fox was used as inspiration for “Top Gun.” While she was at Miramar Naval Air Station, she met the producers. They decided her life would be a good fit for Charlie and used her as the model. This did not affect the career of Fox in a negative way.

For the first time in history, a woman will hold the second highest rank in the Defense Department. Christine Fox has achieved something no other woman before her has been able to do. She is the highest ranked member and is expected to do well in this new role.

There have been some suggestions that her appointment was brought about by criticism of the department. The Defense Department and others often lack women in the top ranks. This may have been used as an opportunity to give her the chance to prove the critics wrong.

Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel praised Christine Fox and shared she was the right person for the role. He pointed out she had the right background and experience. He also mentioned she was capable of handling the reform needed in the entire department.

Christine Fox will face several challenges in her new role, and the biggest one may be reform. The Defense Department continues to work on budget and other issues. It notes changes will be necessary as the department works through sequestration and the end of the war in Afghanistan. Fox will be a part of this reform and has already shared her views in the past. She is ready to tackle compensation and other necessary issues. Changes are coming, and no one is surprised by this shift. The Defense Department has been issuing warnings for months, and some modifications have already started. Now, Christine Fox will step into a new role and use her experience to help.







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