China blames USS Cowpens for near collision

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China blames USS Cowpens for near collision
PACIFIC OCEAN (Sept. 17, 2008) The Ticonderoga-class guided-missile cruiser USS Cowpens (CG 63) conducts a vertical replenishment during a transit to Japan as part of the George Washington Carrier Battle group. (U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist Seaman Anthony R. Martinez/Released)

China is blaming the USS Cowpens for a near collision that occurred in the South China Sea. China is putting the blame on the U.S. military and is complaining that the U.S. ship was bothering it. This is the opposite of the account given by the USS Cowpens.

The USS Cowpens almost collided with a ship from China, according to ABC News. No one was hurt, and the crash was avoided. However, this has become the latest international saga involving the United States and China. There has been tension since China declared a new air zone and started to demand flight information from all planes passing by it.

A Chinese newspaper has posted new claims about the near crash. It wrote that the USS Cowpens was responsible for it. The U.S. had a legal right to be in the water and refutes the paper’s account. China claims the USS Cowpens was annoying the other ship, but the U.S. denies this. It was not engaged in any type of aggressive mission or maneuver.

Chinese ships have been more frequent visitors in the South China Sea. The country claims the United States was deliberately trying to get too close to its ship. The U.S. has shared there was no malice intended, and it was an accident. Communication between the two ships resolved everything, and they parted ways.

China has wanted the U.S. out of the South China Sea for a while. However, the U.S. explains it has a right to be in these waters. China has been becoming more aggressive about some of its territory. Its recent air defense zone created a great deal of tension in the international community.

Some officials have stated that the Chinese ship was actually harassing the USS Cowpens, and not the other way around as the paper claims. The Chinese ship was the one going after the U.S. ship. These two separate and different accounts are now weighing on the minds of officials. The confusion has been exacerbated by the Chinese newspaper. At this time, Chinese officials have not released a comment about the latest update.

The Secretary of Defense notes that restraint is needed. This seems to be a message for both China and the United States. The tensions have risen again, so there are efforts to bring them down again. There is hope that the matter can be settled without more aggression playing a part.







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