Charity spotlight: National Military Family Association

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Charity spotlight: National Military Family Association
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By Brett Gillin

It’s that time of the year, when families are getting together to celebrate the holidays. With those celebrations come many people thanking their lucky stars for their friends and families, and being especially grateful that they get to spend the holidays with the ones the love the most. Unfortunately, it’s also that time of the year that military families tend to “feel it” the most. The fact that their son or daughter, husband or wife, father or mother is unable to be with the family during the holidays because they are overseas, serving their country. In remembrance of those families, who President Obama says “make daily sacrifices that most will never see,” The Bright is spotlighting a charity that always has these families in the forefront of their minds: The National Military Family Association.

The National Military Family Association’s main mission, according to their website, is “to fight for benefits and programs that strengthen and protect Uniformed Services families and reflect the Nation’s respect for their service.” They’ve been doing exactly that for over 44 years, and by all accounts, they’re doing some of the best work around. In fact, they are the leading non-profit organization focusing on military families in the United States, have received a 4-star rating from Charity Navigator for ten straight years, and meet all 20 of the BBB’s standards for Charity Accountability. In other words, people who work with and donate to The Military Family Association know they’re doing great work and the money they donate is going exactly where they think it is.

The National Military Family Association focuses on a few key areas when offering aid to the families of active and retired military veterans. To date, they have offered over $2 million in scholarships to over 2500 military spouses. In addition to the scholarships, The National Military Family Association runs an annual summer camp, dubbed Operation Purple, which focuses on helping children deal with the absence of their deployed parent or parents. Nearly 50,000 children have attended this camp to date. The Military Family Association also organizes retreats to help military families reconnect with their serving-family members after long separations or war-related injuries.

There are many ways to help out the National Military Family Association, including monetary donations, volunteers or purchasing items from the association. Click here to find out more about how to best get involved.

The National Military Family Association is being profiled for informational purposes only and does not constitute an endorsement of The National Military Family Association,™ or any™ products or services.







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