Charity spotlight: Challenged Athletes Foundation’s Operation Rebound

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Charity spotlight: Challenged Athletes Foundation’s Operation Rebound
Team Operation Rebound competing in the Ironman 70.3 CA. Image Credit: The Challenged Athletes Foundation

By Brett Gillin

It’s no stretch to say that combat wounded veterans have an extremely tough road to recovery, no matter how strong they are mentally or physically. That long road is always fraught with difficulties and challenges, but if anyone is able to overcome those types of challenges, it’s our veterans. What often goes unstated in these roads to recovery are the “little things” that are missing from the disabled veterans’ lives. Much thought is given to things like medical care, retrofitting of their living environments, and the physical rehabilitation, but not as much is dedicated to things like the passions and activities that may have defined a part of them before the injury. One of these passions is a love of physical activities and sports, the loss of which can be devastating to certain people. The Challenged Athlete’s Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping differently-abled athlete succeed in their endeavors, has a program called Operation Rebound designed to get these passionate veterans back to doing what they love.

The Challenged Athletes Foundation was started back in 1997 to help recognize the athletic passions and greatness in all people with physical challenges. The Challenged Athletes Foundation supports their athletic activities and assists them in finding and participating in athletic opportunities wherever they can. The Bright would like to focus on just one of their many programs for the purpose of this spotlight: Operation Rebound.

Operation Rebound’s tagline says it all: Frontline to Finish Line. Operation Rebound is dedicated to getting our combat wounded veterans back to what they loved doing: Premier sports and fitness programs. From their website, Operation Rebound is “the premier sports and fitness program for American military personnel, veterans, and first responders with permanent physical disabilities. It provides unparalleled opportunities to pursue active, athletic lifestyles by offering access to funding for equipment and training and competition expenses, Military Medical Center Physical Training and sports clinics.”

Through the funding of equipment specifically designed to help disabled athletes to helping these athletes with travel expenses to events like the Paralympic games, Operation Rebound provides an invaluable service to veterans and first responders looking to regain their normal lives after such devastating events.

Any U.S. veteran or first responder with a permanent physical disability who served honorably is eligible to participate in Operation Rebound.

To find out more about Operation Rebound and to donate today, visit their website.

Challenged Athletes Foundation and Operation Rebound are being profiled for informational purposes only and does not constitute an endorsement of Challenged Athletes Foundation, Operation Rebound,™ or any™ products or services.







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