Army specialist wants to donate liver to his veteran grandfather

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Army specialist wants to donate liver to his veteran grandfather
Army Specialist Ricky Henderson. Photo credit: KLTV - Tyler, TX video below

An Army specialist plans to donate his liver to his veteran grandfather and is willing to interrupt his service in Afghanistan to help save the family member. U.S. Army Specialist Ricky Glenn Henderson is currently at Baylor University Medical Center to be tested to make sure he is a match for his grandfather. He is prepared to give him most of his liver because he believes it can save him.

An Army specialist is willing to make an extra sacrifice for his family, according to Fox News. Ricky Glenn Henderson wants to save his grandfather Rickey Homer by donating a large part of his liver. The grandfather has cirrhosis caused by a genetic disorder, so a new liver is necessary to keep him alive. At the age of 62, the grandfather believes his grandson is a hero for trying to help him.

Ricky Glenn Henderson is only 21, but he is ready to give a big part of his liver to his grandfather. Doctors are still running tests to make sure he is a perfect match, and some have already tried to talk him out of it because it is not an easy operation. However, Ricky Glenn Henderson is determined to help and will not leave unless he is told he is not a good match.

The Army specialist does not use the label hero for himself and views his response to learning about his grandfather’s need for a transplant as normal. His grandfather served in Vietnam, so he is helping another veteran stay alive. He cannot stand by and watch his grandfather pass away without trying to do something.

If he is a good match, Ricky Glenn Henderson does not have to worry about damage to his own liver because it will grow back to normal in time. The grandfather’s donated portion should also grow as long as his body does not reject it. Ricky Glenn Henderson’s mother is proud of her son’s willingness to help the veteran and hopes he is a perfect match.

It is not easy to get permission to interrupt a soldier’s service in Afghanistan, but Ricky Glenn Henderson has a good cause he is trying to support. He received permission to return to the United States to see if he is a liver donor match and will be allowed to stay for the duration of his recovery period.







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