Army reservist killed during robbery

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Army reservist killed during robbery
Image from near the crime scene where Army Reservist Xavier Arnold was shot and killed. Image from video, below. Credit: WSBTV

An Army reservist was killed during a robbery that his girlfriend and another friend saw happen before their eyes. Xavier Arnold was an Army reservist and college student who was enjoying an outdoor trail with friends at the time of the robbery. Two men shot Xavier and his friend as they tried to steal their things.

Xavier Arnold and his friend were injured on a bike trial in Kirkwood, according to WSB Atlanta. Xavier and his girlfriend had wanted to take photos of some of the outdoor art on the trail. Suddenly, two men came toward them and attempted to rob them. The thieves had guns, and shots hit Xavier and his friend.

Xavier was hit in the head while his friend was hit in the leg. Although his friend survived the injuries, Arnold did not make it and died in the hospital. Sadly, the entire robbery was pointless since Xavier Arnold had a completely empty wallet and no other money. He also had a cellphone that did not work, so gadgets were also missing from the group.

The Army reservist had plans for his future that included the Savannah College of Art and Design, and his family called him a talented artist. The entire community is shocked by his passing, and many are left wondering about the safety of the bike trail. It is a popular spot in the area that families and children use frequently.

Police have some leads about suspects, but they are not sharing names at this time. Instead, there is a $5,000 reward for more information about the crime. Xavier Arnold’s girlfriend witnessed the crime, and she has done her best to help police with descriptions and other information about the shooting. Police are hoping to get more leads from the community about the suspects, and they are asking anyone with information to call. Tips can be left in an anonymous way, so identities will be protected.

Yellow signs with the large letter X are popping up around the bike trail and other parts of town to honor Xavier Arnold. The signs are serving as a reminder of the tragic loss of the young man to unnecessary violence. Neighbors say they want the crimes to stop along the trail and other areas, and they are sick of all the violence. Xavier Arnold is the latest victim who had nothing and was still killed in a senseless way.







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