Army officer kills stepdaughter in Colorado

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Army officer kills stepdaughter in Colorado

An Army officer killed his stepdaughter in Colorado because he thought she was a burglar. Army Officer 2nd Lt. Daniel Meade thought someone was trying to break into his home and did not realize it was his stepdaughter sneaking inside after staying out all night. Daniel Meade may not face charges because Colorado has a “Make My Day” law.

The Army officer’s training is being noted in the disturbing case, according to KSDK. Kiana Rae O’Neil, a 14-year-old girl, was trying to get back inside her house early in the morning, but she was caught by her stepfather who thought she was a thief. She was sneaking back into the house through a window located in the basement. He called police to let them know a burglar was inside and shot her several times without recognizing her.

Police who arrived on the scene found Kiana Rae O’Neil was still alive, but she had been shot two times. She was quickly taken to a local hospital and did not survive her injuries. Her stepfather explained he thought someone was trying to get inside the home since it was early in the morning, and all the children should have been in bed including Kiana.

Army Officer 2nd Lt. Daniel Meade has not been arrested, but police are still investigating the case. He has been in Iraq, is considered a decorated soldier and has special forces training. It is possible Colorado’s “Make My Day” law will prevent him from facing any charges because the rule allows homeowners to use guns to protect their homes from intruders. Meade argues he was convinced a thief was trying to get inside the home through a window.

The disturbing case has shaken the local community and the family. Neighbors describe hearing three shots coming from the home and being confused about the sounds. After it was revealed the stepfather had shot his stepdaughter, neighbors had a hard time accepting this truth.

There have been some questions about how the military training of Daniel Meade played a part in the shooting. Would he have been so quick to point a gun at a potential intruder without the military background? His training certainly played an important part because he was able to shoot without missing his target. However, these painful questions have been ignored by the family as it attempts to deal with an unthinkable tragedy during the holidays.







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