Army officer accused of banning the word Christmas

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Army officer accused of banning the word Christmas
1st Battalion, 206th Field Artillery on Parade before departing Camp Shelby Mississippi, March 2008. MAJ Craig Heathscott, 39th BCT Public Affair Officer

An Army officer is accused of banning the word Christmas because it may be considered insensitive for those who do not participate in the holiday. The officer, whose name has not been shared with the public, made the statement during a meeting at Camp Shelby located in Mississippi. A soldier who was at the meeting made the unconventional ban public.

A controversy is still brewing at Camp Shelby over the word Christmas, according to the Jackson Clarion Ledger. The officer is part of the Defense Equal Opportunity Management Institute and advised the base that it should not use Christmas in its plans to host a football game. She noted that some people do not celebrate this holiday, so it may offend them. Instead, she advised Camp Shelby to switch to the less sensitive word holiday in its plans for the event.

The controversy is being labeled as a politically correct nightmare that has gone too far. A soldier who has chosen not to share his identity out of fear of repercussions made the controversy public by sharing information with a reporter. This soldier said the meeting did not go well because people were angry about not being able to use the word Christmas. In addition, the officer told the audience that soldiers could use the word casually, but other officers should stop.

The base has tried to clear up some of the rumors by stating there is no ban on the word Christmas, and people are free to use this word at any time. However, the soldier does not agree with this statement because he felt it was a rule and not a suggestion. The soldier has legal representation and is considering steps he can take in this matter. He feels that religion is being attacked by the Army through small steps such as the inability to use certain words.

The soldier has noted that the officer speaking at the meeting blamed the United States Army for the rule and did not come up with it herself. The soldier has taken this to mean that the Army wants to ban Christmas despite the base’s protests this is not true. He views the meeting as a way to indoctrinate the entire room into a politically correct culture that does not allow Christmas to exist. The base continues to insist that the word is not banned and anyone can use it freely.







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