Airman’s mother uses social media to scatter ashes

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Airman’s mother uses social media to scatter ashes
C.J. Twomey. Image credit: Scattering CJ Facebook page

An Airman’s mother is using social media to scatter the ashes of her dead son around the world. C.J. Twomey was part of the Air Force, but he tragically killed himself with a gun. Now, his mother wants the world to get involved in spreading his ashes because he loved to travel.

C.J. Twomey committed suicide after an argument, according to ABC News. The Air Force member was honorably discharged, but he wanted to be part of a special team. After an argument with his mother, he shot himself in the head outside her home.

C.J. Twomey was cremated, and his ashes were placed in an urn that his mother kept inside her home. However, she came up with the idea to spread his ashes around the world instead of keeping them in the urn. She knew C.J. loved to travel, so this would be his final opportunity to reach beyond his hometown.

Hallie Twomey, the airman’s mother, shares she feels guilty about his death and not being able to stop it. Her decision to spread his ashes is one way she is trying to cope with the tragedy. She has created a Facebook page to ask people if they could help spread his ashes and give him a chance to see the world.

The response to Hallie Twomey’s request has shocked the family because they did not realize how many people would want to get involved. More than 150 people have already received ashes to spread in their locations. Each person is given a few simple instructions to spread the ashes, and each one gets a photo of the airman.

The ashes of C.J. Twomey have been in Haiti, Jamaica, India and many other locations. There are still more people signing up to help his mother and wanting to spread his ashes near their homes. Hallie hopes that she will be able to continue to make this dream come true.

The story of C.J. Twomey has touched many lives, but one person has been affected more than others. Jessica Hale heard about the social media campaign to spread the airman’s ashes and decided to get involved. After learning about his suicide, Hale reflected on her own past as a veteran and made the important decision not to kill herself. C.J. Twomey continues to have an impact on the lives around him, and his mother hopes this will be his legacy.







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