Air Force general removed for bad behavior

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Air Force general removed for bad behavior
Maj. General Michael Carey. Image credit: US Air Force

A U.S. Air Force general has been removed for bad behavior in Russia while he was on an official trip. Maj. Gen Michael Carey was accused of drinking, misbehaving, disrespecting and bragging during the trip. He also spent time with two women he met in the country and shared this inappropriate information during meetings.

Maj. Gen Michael Carey was once one of the top officers in charge of the nuclear program in the U.S., according to the Washington Post. However, his behavior during an official trip in Russia led to his dismissal from this top Air Force position. The Air Force only recently revealed the full details behind his departure.

Maj. Gen Michael Carey traveled to Moscow, but his problems began in the airport before he even reached the destination. At the airport, Carey began drinking heavily and talking loudly while discussing inappropriate subjects. He arrived in Moscow drunk and continued to drink throughout the trip.

In Moscow, Maj. Gen Michael Carey began bragging about his nuclear position in the Air Force and made rude comments about leadership in the military. He met two women after arriving in Russia and proceeded to spend time with them. Witnesses blame these women for his late arrival at an important meeting with Russian leaders.

Although he arrived late to the meeting, Maj. Gen Michael Carey proceeded to create an embarrassing situation by drinking again and discussing Edward Snowden. His actions have been perceived as extremely disrespectful to the hosts who had arranged a banquet. Witnesses stated he was rude during the banquet and were shocked that he discussed the women he met the previous night.

Carey’s bad behavior continued during a guided tour of a monastery which he interrupted. He later became lost and ended up with the wrong tour guide. Carey placed a great deal of stress on other members of the delegation who spent their time checking on him and making sure he did not get lost again.

Maj. Gen Michael Carey’s behavior was obviously influenced by his large alcohol consumption, but he was also seen sulking and being rude during tours of the Red Square. The issues did not stop during the tours, and Carey created problems during dinner. He tried to play with the band performing in the restaurant, left his delegation to sit with women, interrupted the hosts and generally behaved rudely. His actions during the trip were responsible for his dismissal.







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