Air Force announces more cuts

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Air Force announces more cuts
Acting Secretary of the Air Force Eric T. Fanning and Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. Mark A. Welsh III present the "State of the Air Force," during a Pentagon press briefing Dec. 13, 2013. During the briefing, Fanning and Welsh addressed current Air Force challenges, to include sequestration's impacts to readiness, modernization and force structure, and their efforts to plan for a credible capable force over the next 10 years. (U.S. Air Force photo/Scott M. Ash)

The Air Force has announced more cuts are coming. The U.S. military has made it clear that the budget will force changes. Now, the Air Force has provided more insight into its plans for the future. Both civilians and enlisted members will be affected.

The Air Force is still in the process of working out many of the details, according to the Dayton Daily News. However, it has confirmed that 900 civilian jobs will be lost. In addition, enlisted members will also be reduced.

The mandatory cuts are putting a great deal of pressure on the U.S. Air Force. The entire military is feeling the pressure and trying to find ways to stay within the new budget. The end of the war in Afghanistan means that they can make cuts without hurting current plans. The proposal from the Air Force reveals that positions will be eliminated at Air Force Materiel Command bases.

The Air Force calls these cuts involuntary separation programs, but members call them a nightmare. Without knowing exactly which bases will be affected, they are not able to prepare. Although some have already started looking for other positions, they are not satisfied with the news.

The Air Force needs to eliminate 25,000 positions in the future. Although these cuts will be spread out over five years, there will still be a tremendous impact felt by members. There is still some hope that the new bill that has passed will help alleviate some of the issues. However, cuts are still going to happen.

It will take months before the final details are shared with the public. In June of next year, the Air Force plans to look at how many chiefs can be eliminated. The same month will also have a meeting for officers. There will be cuts to these positions.

There is a key difference to the cuts next year. Both voluntary and involuntary programs will be unveiled at the same time, so the process can go faster. This is usually done separately, but the Air Force does not want to waste time. It wants to make sure that the cuts go through quickly.

The news has already alarmed many members of the Air Force. Unfortunately, without clear guidelines on bases affected by the change, there is nothing they can do but wait. The details will be revealed after more meetings next year and announced to the forces.







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