Tyler Doohan gets honorary firefighter funeral

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Tyler Doohan gets honorary firefighter funeral
Image of Tyler Doohan courtesy of WHAM video below.

Tyler Doohan received an honorary firefighter funeral after saving six people from a trailer fire. The 9-year-old boy went back inside to save a disabled relative and succumbed to the fire. Doohan was honored by many firefighters at St. John of Rochester Catholic Church.

Tyler Doohan died while trying to save another relative from a trailer fire, according to NBC News. The brave 9-year-old had already rescued six people by warning them about the fire and getting them out of the trailer. However, his decision to go back inside cost him his life, and two other family members also died.

Firefighters attended the funeral with some of them directing traffic while others lined the interior of the church. Fire trucks could be seen lining the street outside the church to honor Tyler Doohan. Fire Chief Chris Ebmeyer declared that the 9-year-old boy was an honorary firefighter and presented his mother with a helmet that included his name. This was a kind gesture that brought surviving members of Doohan’s family to tears.

There were nine people sleeping in the small trailer at the time of the fire. Tyler Doohan was the first one to notice the fire and began to rescue his family. He managed to get six people out safely before trying to rescue the others left inside. The two other people who died with Tyler were also honored at his funeral.

Firefighters think a blanket caught fire inside the trailer, and flames quickly spread. The trailer may not have had a smoke alarm, and there may have been other electrical problems. Despite a remarkable response time of a minute, firefighters arrived to see the trailer being consumed by the fire because the thin construction went up quickly and was difficult to stop.

Firefighters call Tyler Doohan’s actions brave and command him for saving six people. Without his quick thinking to wake up everyone, all nine lives could have been lost. Although they are upset he made the decision to go back inside, it is understandable why the dedicated boy wanted to save everyone in the trailer.

Doohan’s family has received many donations, and they are trying to decide the best way to honor his memory. Meanwhile, firefighters have found their own way to honor the boy. In addition to making him an honorary firefighter, many fire stations added him to their rosters temporarily. The stations are posting photos of the assigned boards with Tyler Doohan’s name on Facebook.


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