South Carolina Fire Chief killed by wife and two other women

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South Carolina Fire Chief killed by wife and two other women
The three women arrested in the murder of Branchville Fire Chief Alan Oakley, including his wife, Melody Oakley. Image from video, below. Credit: WLTX Columbia, SC

A South Carolina Fire Chief was killed by three women who have been arrested and charged. Branchville Fire Chief Alan Oakley was stabbed to death, and he died from the wound in his neck. Police immediately began to investigate this murder and found three women connected to it.

Branchville Fire Chief Alan Oakley was only 48 years old at the time of his death, according to WHNS Greenville. The fire chief’s body was found inside his home, and he had been stabbed in the neck. The injuries were serious, and he did not survive. Police have declined to provide other details about the circumstances of his death or wounds.

Three women have been arrested due to their connection to the death of Fire Chief Alan Oakley, and one of these women is his wife. Melody Turner Oakley and two of her friends are accused of killing the fire chief in their home. Ann M. Anderson and Carrie Ashley Brown, her friends, have been charged with the same counts as the wife, and they have been denied bond.

Records indicate all three of the women were involved in the murder, and they planned it before it happened. This was not a spur of the moment decision, so the charges they face may be harsher. They had wanted to kill Oakley and came up with the idea of stabbing him to death.

Premeditated murder is a serious offense, and the three women could face years in prison or even the death penalty. The police are not sharing a motive with the public at this time since the investigation continues. However, the wife’s involvement has led to rumors of an unhappy marriage that she wanted to escape.

Firefighters are devastated by the loss of the fire chief and have been taking part in grief counseling sessions offered to them for free. The murder is hard for them to accept or understand because they felt he was a good person. Alan Oakley is being described as a hard worker who could be trusted with any task. He was a firefighter since 1988 and had formed many friendships in the department.

Some residents no longer feel safe in the small town, but police insist this is an isolated incident that should not leave them in fear. Still, neighbors claim they will finally start locking their doors because they are worried about the murder.


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