Missouri firefighters save man from Creve Coeur Lake

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Missouri firefighters save man from Creve Coeur Lake
Two firefighters rescued a man and his dog after he fell into Creve Coeur Lake. Photo credit: WPTV - West Palm, FL

Missouri firefighters saved a man from Creve Coeur Lake and were also able to rescue his dog from the icy waters. They believe the dog fell into the water first, and the man risked his life by going after it. Instead of following the advice of firefighters and police to wait for help, he created a situation that required a double rescue.

A stranger called for help after seeing the man and his dog in the freezing water, according to Fox 2 Now. After his dog managed to get on the icy Creve Coeur Lake because it was without a leash, the man went into rescue mode to save its life. Both the dog and the man ended up in the cold water as they waited for help from others. However, the man managed to get the dog onto the ice but became stuck himself and could not get out.

Firefighters were forced to use ice suits to safely reach the man and his dog. They were able to get both out of the water without any problems, but the man was showing signs of hypothermia. It was a phone call from a stranger that alerted firefighters to the desperate situation in the water.

Firefighters point out that the man made the wrong decision to go after his pet in this situation. He should have immediately called for help once he noticed the dog was on the ice instead of trying to rescue it. The ice is thin and dangerous on Creve Coeur Lake, so it easily caved under his weight and made it impossible for him to get out of the water. His dog, who weighs less, was later able to stay on the ice without cracking it.

Creve Coeur Lake and other bodies of water often create the illusion of strong ice, but it can be paper thin in reality. Firefighters recommend avoiding these areas because they can be too dangerous for pets. All dogs should be on a leash especially near water, and the lack of one in this case was responsible for the dog getting away from its owner. Firefighters advise pet owners to be aware of their surroundings before taking their animals for a walk and to call for a help if something goes wrong instead of trying to rescue the pets themselves. Without proper training, the pet owners are at risk of falling into the water.



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