Manhattan high-rise fire leaves people injured

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Manhattan high-rise fire leaves people injured
Authorities say two people have been critically injured in a three-alarm high-rise fire in midtown Manhattan. It broke out on the 20th floor of a building at 43rd Street and 10th Avenue. (Jan. 5)

A Manhattan high-rise fire left several people and firefighters with injuries, and one person died. Firefighters responded to the blaze in the morning and spent several hours putting it out. The fire, labeled as a three-alarm, led to desperate messages on Twitter from tenants.

A high-rise building went up in flames in Manhattan and forced firefighters to spend several hours on it, according to Fox News. The fire appears to have started on the 20th floor, but the exact cause is not known. Some residents in the 42-story building were forced to evacuate as the flames and smoke spread quickly.

Residents describe a chaotic scene with smoke filling up the hallways and broken elevators. Many of them were forced to stand on their balconies as they waited for help because they could not get out of the building. Tweets from the high-rise fire ended up on social media as desperate residents shared their plight.

One man who lived in the building witnessed a person on the 20th floor screaming for help from his balcony. He is still not certain if this person managed to get out safely. Another resident died in the fire, and several people and firefighters suffered injuries including smoke inhalation. The massive fire challenged firefighters who spent more than two hours working on it.

Residents felt management did not do enough to help them or advise them on what to do during a fire. Some residents went into the hallways which was not necessary and should have remained inside. Others were simply confused about what was happening inside the high-rise as they did not receive any instructions. Firefighters tried their best to keep the residents calm and advised the ones who should stay inside their apartments to avoid the halls.

After the fire, firefighters once again pointed out that sometimes it is safe to stay inside if the fire is far from the resident’s apartment. There are cases such as this one that make it more dangerous to be in the hallways or stairwells. It is important for residents to follow firefighters’ instructions and pay attention to their advice.

The cause of the fire is not known, but it will be investigated. Several units suffered damage during the fire, and residents will not be able to use them at this time. The owners of the high-rise have not spoken to the media or firefighters about this incident.


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