Houston firefighter uses beer to stop fire

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Houston firefighter uses beer to stop fire
The beer and fire extinguisher used to put out a truck fire by Houston firefighter Capt. Craig Moreau. Image from video, below. Credit: Newsfix, Craig Moreau

A Houston firefighter used beer to stop a fire that started in a truck, and he prevented a bigger tragedy from occurring. Capt. Craig Moreau was off-duty, but he noticed an 18-wheel truck on the same road as him with smoke coming out of it. Although the firefighter was with family, he immediately stopped to help the driver and put out the fire.

Capt. Craig Moreau was credited with using beer to help stop a fire, according to the Houston Chronicle. The entire 18-wheel truck was filled with Coor’s Banquet beer, and it proved to be the key ingredient in putting out the fire that threatened the whole vehicle. Some quick thinking from the firefighter prevented the fire from spreading and the truck from exploding.

After stopping to help the truck driver, firefighter Craig Moreau grabbed his small fire extinguisher to put out the flames around the brakes. Unfortunately, the fire had spread to the tire, and it made his job more difficult. Despite his best efforts with the fire extinguisher, the fire was still a threat, and help was far away.

The firefighter asked the truck driver what was inside and discovered he was carrying Coor’s Banquet beer. Since water was not an option, both the driver and firefighter began to grab cans of beer to spray on the tire. Their efforts paid off because the fire stopped and did not spread to other parts of the truck.

The driver was grateful for the help he received from the firefighter, and Craig Moreau states that without the beer the fire would have engulfed the entire vehicle. Then, it would have put it at risk of an explosion and could have shut down the highway for hours. Fortunately, his quick thinking prevented the fire from becoming worse and creating a more dangerous situation.

In general, firefighters do not recommend using beer or other types of alcohol to put out fires. Depending on the type of fire, water or chemicals are the best way to put the flames out. However, this was an unusual situation that defied the regular rules. Craig Moreau is a trained professional, so he knew how to assess the fire and make sure pouring beer on it would not make it worse. Untrained citizens should use caution around fires and preferably wait for help from firefighters if they are not sure how to handle a situation.


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