Google Glass app could help firefighters

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Google Glass app could help firefighters
Firefighter and app developer Patrick Jackson wearing google glasses while responding to a call (Image courtesy Google Glass YouTube video below)

Firefighters could benefit from a Google Glass app that is being developed by a fellow firefighter. The app would help them in a variety of tasks ranging from finding hydrants to giving floor plans. Patrick Jackson is working on the project that he hopes will revolutionize tech for firefighters in the modern age.

Google Glass has been proposed as a useful tool for firefighters in the past, according to The Verge. However, the development of a new app by a firefighter may finally make this technology a reality for fire departments. Patrick Jackson thinks his plans will allow him to finish the app in several months and make it available to firefighters.

Firefighters will not be able to wear Google Glass inside a fire because of its limits, but firefighters who are stationed outside of a building can use it to provide guidance. The main goal of the app is to improve safety while making the jobs of firefighters easier. The app will have multiple features including maps, directions, blueprints and other uses to help them in their daily tasks.

The use of modern technology is being embraced by many fire departments in the country, and there are already smartphone apps on the market to help them. This would be the first Google Glass app, but the ideas are all linked together to improve the jobs of firefighters. Despite the fact that the app is still in development, Patrick Jackson remains hopeful about its success and believes it will help people.

Google Glass is an expensive tech toy that few fire departments may be able to afford right now. Considering it is still in limited distribution and undergoing changes, Google Glass mostly remains in the hands of IT and tech lovers. However, Patrick Jackson believes it will become more affordable in the future and will turn into a useful tool for firefighters.

Firefighters often walk in blind into fires as they may not know the blueprint or layout of a building, and one of the goals of the app is to provide them with this information. Along with hydrants, maps, weather advisories and other aspects, the app would create a way for them to assess their environments faster. The technology could reduce the number of injuries and deaths while making the work more efficient. It could also reduce response times and create safer work environments for the firefighters.


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