Former volunteer firefighter steals, crashes fire truck

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Former volunteer firefighter steals, crashes fire truck
Kevin W. T. Burns. Image credit: Chesterfield police

A former volunteer firefighter stole a fire truck while it was waiting for maintenance. Kevin W. T. Burns eventually crashed the truck, but he has been found and arrested. Police do not know why he would resort to stealing the truck just to destroy it.

Kevin W. T. Burns has been named as the person responsible for stealing a fire truck in Virginia, according to The Daily Progress. He was once a volunteer firefighter, but he was removed from his position over an incident that has not been shared with the public. This may have been the reason behind his decision to commit the crime.

Kevin W. T. Burns broke into a maintenance lot that had an expensive fire truck. He was able to jump over a fence to get inside and get to the truck. The truck was worth $500,000 and was designed to carry large amounts of foam. It is not known why Burns targeted this vehicle over the others, but he may have been trying to do the most damage possible.

After stealing the fire truck, Kevin W. T. Burns crashed a fence during his escape from the lot. Then, he drove for 14 miles and crashed the truck. It was later recovered from a ditch, but the former firefighter had managed to escape. Police immediately began to search for a suspect, and videos may have helped them capture Burns.

Burns has been arrested and is facing charges for the theft. He has not spoken to the media to explain his motive, and his family has remained silent. The fire department was hurt by the temporary loss of the truck because it had extensive damage. This meant it could not be used for months as they waited for repairs to be finished.

Despite the arrest, police state the investigation into the stolen fire truck is not over. This has led to questions about other people being involved, but no one has been able to confirm this. Some people believe Kevin W. T. Burns was acting alone and out of anger over losing his volunteer position. Others think there may have been more than one person in the truck with him. The police are hoping someone with actual information will come forward and help them close this investigation. Meanwhile, the fire department is glad to see an arrest being made in this case with the hope that someone will pay.


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