Former Charleston Firefighter arrested over murder plot

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Former Charleston Firefighter arrested over murder plot

A former Charleston firefighter was arrested over a murder plot he helped concoct to get rid of his wife. Capt. Edward C. Jones III has been arrested and charged for planning the murder and asking another person to kill his wife for $8,000. An undercover police officer revealed his plot and helped arrest him.

Capt. Edward C. Jones III was a retired firefighter who was on disability, according to the Spartanburg Herald Journal. He was known for helping save other firefighters in the Sofa Super Store fire that claimed several lives. Jones claimed the fire left him suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, and he could no longer continue working in the fire department.

The wife of Edward C. Jones III had no idea he wanted to get rid of her, and she did not even think he wanted a divorce. The scared woman asked the judge not to give him bail, and she got her wish. Edward C. Jones III now claims he meant no harm and did not want his wife to die.

Jones contacted a person who happened to be an undercover cop to carry out the murder for him. Edward C. Jones III promised to provide good ammunition and asked for the man to kill his wife quickly, so she would not end up in a hospital. He was willing to pay the man $8,000 because he was afraid she would take the children and move to another state. Jones wanted the murder to happen on New Year’s Day and was probably hoping to take advantage of the big holiday as a cover-up.

His wife shares she had no plans to move to another location, so she does not understand why her husband would hire a hit man. Since the big fire that led to his retirement, Jones has suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder and has been on medication. He is still involved in a lawsuit with other firefighters against the store that burned.

The former firefighter is not giving a clear reason for his decision to hire someone to kill his wife. Since she denies moving to another state, his original complaint does not seem valid. At this time, Edward C. Jones III does not appear to have a lawyer and will not be getting out on bail. A judge sided with his wife’s fears over her life and denied bail in this case.

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