Firefighters thaw bodies after nursing home fire

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Firefighters thaw bodies after nursing home fire
The nursing home in Quebec where a deadly fire broke out. Image from video, below. Credit: CBC

Firefighters are being forced to thaw bodies after a nursing home fire to identify the dead, and their efforts are far from over. Crews believe that their tasks may not be over by Monday because there are still missing people, and weekend efforts are not enough for them to finish. Due to the freezing temperatures, firefighters have the uncomfortable task of trying to melt the ice on the dead bodies to identify them.

Firefighter crews state that melting all the ice and recovering the bodies will be a long task, according to the Faribault County Register. The cause of the Quebec nursing home fire is still not known, but working in temperatures that regularly dip below freezing is a huge challenge for firefighters. Although they managed to put out the fire, their current task of thawing out the frozen ice sheets on the building is another obstacle.

Crews do not expect to be finished by Monday due to the slow nature of the work and added risk. The nursing home may not be stable, so thawing it out to retrieve bodies is not easy. Firefighters must work carefully to not miss anyone while avoiding the danger of a collapse. They are getting help from police and other crews to find the missing bodies.

Crews are already working in shifts due to the dangerous work and freezing temperatures, but they are also taking important breaks to give shift workers a chance to rest and recuperate. The work is extra challenging for volunteer firefighters who had family members in the nursing home. The unpleasant task of thawing out the building and bodies is not easy on anyone in the area.

To help the community, psychologists are getting involved and visiting homes to offer their services for those in mourning. Firefighters are also welcome to use the services as their tasks weigh heavily on their minds. It will take time for everyone to overcome the shock of losing so many elderly members of the community in a single fire.

Although they are facing many challenges, firefighters are trying their best to comb through the building and find bodies. Loved ones want to hold memorial services and funerals, so they are asking for the bodies of the nursing home patients. There are also missing patients that have not been found in the wreckage after the fire, and their loved ones want answers.


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