Firefighters hurt in Turtle Creek Blaze

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Firefighters hurt in Turtle Creek Blaze
The scene of the Turtle Creek Blaze where several people, including four firefighters were hurt. Image from video, below. Credit: WPXI Pittsburgh

Several firefighters were hurt in a Turtle Creek Blaze while fighting a fire at an apartment building. There were four Pittsburgh firefighters injured, and a resident was also hurt while trying to escape the fire. A nurse who did not live in the building but wanted to help save people also suffered a minor injury.

The Turtle Creek Blaze has hurt several people in the area, according to WPXI Pittsburgh. The fire began in the afternoon and was quickly reported to firefighters. Officials believe the fire started near the top of the building and spread through the rest of the units causing extensive damage. Several residents have been displaced due to the severe fire damage in their units.

The four firefighters were hurt while trying to fight the flames, and the resident was hurt as he tried to get out of the building. The man, who is described as middle aged, decided to jump from his balcony and ended up injured. He had to be taken to the hospital for treatment but did not suffer any permanent damage.

A nurse decided to act as rescuer after she saw the fire and rushed to the building to get people out. Her brave actions did not go as planned because she ended up with smoke inhalation and needed treatment. This is why firefighters encourage people to stay away from the fires and simply call for help. As an untrained rescuer, she ended up making the situation worse by requiring treatment after helping.

At least two of the firefighters had burns, and the nurse was also treated for minor burns. Everyone is expected to make a full recovery, but firefighters are using this as an example of why people need to follow their advice and stay out of the burning buildings.

The man who jumped from his balcony has a more difficult case because he claims he was getting overwhelmed by the smoke. There may not have been enough time for rescuers to get him out of the building, and he felt he had to make a decision to save his own life. Although jumping from a balcony can be dangerous, the man survived the fall with only minor injuries. Firefighters remind people they have to assess situations carefully and make fast decisions on occasion. If they believe the fire is too close, then jumping may appear to be the only safe option to stay alive.


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