Fire truck rolls over responding to barn fire

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Fire truck rolls over responding to barn fire
Image of the fire truck rollover as it was responding to a barn fire in Missouri. (Source: Mollie Lair KFVS Reporter)

By Ann Rowland

The raw video taken at the scene shows a clear, sunny day in Cape Girardeau County, Missouri and a two-lane rural road clear of any ice or snow. It also shows a fire truck from the East County Fire Protection District lying in the road upside down.

Fire crews from the East County Fire Protection District, Fruitland, Cape Girardeau and Jackson fire departments were responding to a call of a structure fire in a barn at the Fox Run Stables. A mattress in the second floor living quarters of a horse barn caught fire and quickly engulfed the entire structure. No horses were in jeopardy because they had been removed from the barn before fire crews arrived. The fire was quickly extinguished.

However, it is what happened on the way to the barn fire that is now under investigation. A fire truck from the East County Fire Protection District was on its way to the fire when it failed to make a turn from one two-lane rural road onto another two-lane rural road. The truck rolled over despite clear road conditions. East County Fire Protection District Fire Chief Dwayne Kirchhoff said that the driver of the fire truck was experienced and wearing a seat belt at the time of the roll over.
Chief Kirchhoff said that having the truck lost to service will not impact the fire department. They have another truck available to be sent to the East County Fire Protection District. Kirchhoff told KFVS Channel 12, Saint Louis, that replacing the truck will depend on the insurance coverage on the truck and how extensive the damage is to the truck.

A tow truck was brought in to get the truck upright. Video shows that the roof of the truck is completely flattened. It is not clear how or when the driver was able to escape the truck or if the truck initially rolled over onto its side and later onto the roof. There were no injuries to the fire truck driver or at the scene of the fire.

According to Chief Kirchhoff, an accident investigation will be conducted to determine the cause of the accident.

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