Fire hydrants and hoses blow apart in two separate incidents

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Fire hydrants and hoses blow apart in two separate incidents
A Fire station in Dutchess county, New York.

Fire hydrants and hoses blew apart in two separate incidents as firefighters worked to battle the flames in two states. The weather is being blamed for both problems as freezing temperatures make fighting fires more difficult. One firefighter was hurt because he was hit with the hose after it blew apart, but other injuries have not been reported.

A fire hydrant essentially blew apart into small pieces in Trenton, according to Firefighters also faced challenges in New Windsor after a hose blew apart because of the cold weather. The firefighters in Trenton were responding to a house fire that quickly turned into a three-alarm call while the firefighters in New Windsor were also responding to a house fire.

In both cases, the freezing temperatures played a role in the exploding fire equipment. Firefighters did their best to overcome the challenges and managed to put out both fires. In Trenton, firefighters watched in shock as the fire hydrant blew apart, but they wasted no time in finding another hydrant to use on the house fire. The fire still managed to spread to more than one home, yet it could have been worse without their quick action.

In New Windsor, a hose being used by firefighters to attack the house blaze blew apart and hit one of them. Water issues plagued firefighters as they attempted to bring the fire under control in the cold weather. There were also stability issues in the home, and firefighters were concerned it would collapse with them inside. Fortunately, only one person was injured and is receiving treatment for the problem.

Winter brings unique challenges to firefighters who face the snow, cold and ice on a daily basis as they battle fires. Unfortunately, freezing hydrants and freezing hoses are another challenge that gets added to the mix during the cold months. On rare occasions, as firefighters attempt to pump water from hydrants and hoses, they can blow apart and cause new problems. In one of the cases, a person was injured by the flying hose.

This is why firefighters advise people to stay away from fires and avoid getting too close as they battle them. Firefighters do not want a passerby to get hit with a flying piece of hydrant or hose. It is challenging enough to keep their own crews safe without having to worry about onlookers getting hurt during the winter.


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