Ellen DeGeneres gives firefighters who saved dog a vacation

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Ellen DeGeneres gives firefighters who saved dog a vacation
Wellesley firefighter rescuing, Crosby, a five year old golden retriever from the Charles river. photo credit: EllenTV

Ellen DeGeneres is giving firefighters who saved a dog a special vacation to honor their commitment and dedication. The firefighters will be receiving a free trip to the Caribbean from the talk show host because they pulled a dog out of a freezing river. Their story has been spreading on social media, and Ellen invited them on her show to give them a gift.

Four firefighters who fought to save a golden retriever from the Charles River never thought they would get a thank you on national television, according to The Swellesley Report. The three men and one woman, Fire Capt. Jim Dennehy, Dave Papazian, Lt. Paul Delaney and Joan Cullinan, appeared on the Ellen Show to share their rescue story and got several surprises from the host.

The firefighters were called to save Crosby, a five-year old beloved family pet, who ended up in freezing cold water during a walk. Crosby had been fascinated by a squirrel, so he went out on the dangerous Charles River with its thin ice to get it. The owner stood helplessly as the golden retriever ran from her, but she was able to call for help and save his life. Firefighters who arrived on the scene saw the dog was already in the water.

Firefighters were faced with a dangerous situation because the ice could have easily given way under their own weight, and the dog was scared. One of them put on a special suit, so he could swim to Crosby and get him out of the water. Other firefighters helped pull them out of the river and dried them off before returning to normal. The owner was reunited with Crosby and continues to be grateful for the rescue.

Ellen gave the four firefighters a free trip to the Caribbean and decorated life jackets as her way of honoring their work. PETA has also stepped in to honor the firefighters by giving them a special award, chocolate and a certificate. The firefighters went out of their way to save a scared golden retriever who would have died in the water without their help.

Fire Capt. Jim Dennehy, Dave Papazian, Lt. Paul Delaney and Joan Cullinan never expected to appear on the Ellen Show, but a video of their rescue quickly went viral and made them stars online. They state they were simply doing their job and would do the same thing for anyone’s pet in danger.


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